Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dream w/Two Feet On The Ground

As far back as I can remember, I've always had a love for a good story. I was the dorky kid who would get in trouble for hiding my book under my desk so I could read while the teacher was lecturing (I knew I'd never need to actually know that equation!) & I have good memory of my dad scolding me for bringing my book to the dinner table.  
I LOVE books. (I was actually a bookworm last year for Halloween, dork much?)
I LOVE to write as well.
I used to write poetry and was obsessed with all the great poets by the time I was in the 6th grade. However because of my dorkiness, I often raved madly on and on about things like time travel to places in Eqypt where dinosaurs roamed and ruled the city and men were subject to their authority and dominion.

Though like most of us, as the wages of time and life wore on me, I began to lose sight of the simplicity and satisfaction of good books and a good imaginative story. I lost child-like sight and passion for the very things inside of me (besides God Himself) that make me come alive. When the biggest storm of my life hit in 2009, out of all the things I had lost, I realized one of the biggest things that slowly withered away was the dormant dreams God set in my heart at a young age; My OWN flame, my own gifts and my own desires.
Thankfully, I've rediscovered both of those passions. I'm probably reading 3 books right now(Yes, at the same time). & Clearly, I've sharpened my pencils and dusted off some old journals to begin to discover my love for w o r d s again (Obviously I'm not in the lack of things to say)
With time I've realized its not so much fun to be a dreamer-standstiller-simplistic-imaginative person all by your lonesome.
We need other people to fan some of their flame into us, to nudge us a little closer and deeper to our child-like ambitions/imaginations.
Surround yourself with sillies, if you love to laugh.

With smarties, if you feel you need educating.

With dreamers, if you too "Have a dream.."

but more importantly, with Encouragers,
who do not look at what you are now, but a finished product;
not who you were, but still not yet what you shall be.

Finding MY Flame in the Stars,


  1. Very encouraging.
    I'm happy you have rediscovered your passions and have your heart set on them again.


  2. Ok! So this is amazingly well put. I love this Val.

  3. beautifully written sister. I have always enjoyed your writing.