Got Mail?

I don’t know about you, but I love getting mail!
There’s something extra special about knowing someone took time out of THEIR day to sit down and think to send lil ole me something encouraging/uplifting/funny that is NOT in E-form like Face book :o]

I love collecting Trader Joe’s cards. In case you don’t know this, they are super limited edition status, as in they pretty much don’t get the same card in twice..But my stockpile is well, PILING UP!!
So I thought it’d be a great idea (and seriously not creeper status) to start mailing these babies out. Thankfully a lot of you are friends and/or fam so you won’t be totally weirded out by this :o]

Why do you want a card from me?

1. Cause I draw extra fun stuff on em, that will most likely make you laugh with me..or AT me..Either way, you win.
2. You probably read “Trader Joe’s cards” and thought, “Omg, I LOOVEE Trader Joes!!”. You love the Joe, I love the Joe. Joe wants to love you.
Feel free to email me :
Or add me on the Face Space aka Face book (some of you seriously got lost there, don’t lie) if you want to receive :]

Happy Card Shenaniging,