Monday, September 12, 2011

The Untold Tale of the Legendary Onion Conquerer.

“You wanna know something’ about this salad?”
                                               “Mmmm, oookay, sure?”
“This salad has red onions.”
                                              “……That’s amazing.”

“No...You see, I used to HATE red onions, but one day I just decided…I love EVERYTHING else about this salad..and darn it, these little red onions are not going to ruin the whole thing for me.. SO I ATE IT!!!”
“….I think this just says a lot about what an over-comer I am........”


My wonderful, very compassionate friend Suzan laughed and shook her head, “Wow.."
(Suzan awkwardly eating my leftovers!)

       I giggled as I mumbled out, “..Seriously though.” And I looked out into the ocean and scanned the open sea.
Even though Suzan knows SO MUCH about me and my story...No one quite knows another’s stories, failures and victories other than a the person who has experienced them his/her self.
The joy, the pain, and the “onions” of life are what keep us walking on; Though we rather do without the pain (or rancid smell) but it’s what forces us to stretch because, well, s t r e t c h i n g is quite frankly the only thing left to do.
& No one other than myself and God will ever know what that moment was like......I realized I was eating red onions. It sounds silly, insignificant mostly, but I realized all my small victories (like these) were leading me to greater ones; and I had been so caught up changing and pressing on I hadn't even realized it!!

Needless to say, as Suzan lay tanning with her headphones on, I couldn’t stop smiling over my salad.
I chomped, probably pretty cheesy-like, and enjoyed the crap out of that salad that day :o)

So if you actually stopped to read this, please don’t stop celebrating your small victories. Because we feel small sometimes, we think everything about us is small.
That’s a lie.
Celebrate your small victories and be encouraged only greater  ones are to come! (Please feel free to comment and share as well!!)

Make YOUR victories legendary ...Even if it's just in your own book :o)


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  1. Amazingly encouraging post.
    Love it.

    I think for me as a Mommy now... a lot of my recent victories are the ones I see in my children. Even the small ones are awesome to me. Like watching them share, or saying please & thank you. :o)