Saturday, August 27, 2011

Si, se puede!! (I don't know if that's right actually, I don't really speak the spanishes..)

There’s nothing, not one thing, that I cannot do!! 

Sometimes my brain creates art.

Not typical art, but deep, moving art.
I paint a picture with my feelings, or express things I cannot find the words for.
My brain then, somehow, sculpts it to perfection, in only the way brains can do.
                  Most of my art is fleeting, and drops in during random moments of the day, like when I’m talking to a customer about why recyclable bags are a part of the governments conspiracy using global warming to support a billion dollar “Green’ industry. (For the record, I use canvas bags and cut the rings on soda plastics so baby dolphins blood do not stain these hands!)

            But it comes to me when I’m walking out of my door, or listening to the trees breathe as I nap to little bits of Heaven on earth. But I never actually take pen to paper and draw/paint anything. I’ve always accepted I jus am not gifted in the area of drawlings.
I probably, as they call it, “SUCK.”
See picture below
Okay. That wasn’t deep at all, but hopefully you get the picture.
……..Cause I just showed you one.
I suppose what I’m coming to realize is : We ARE art.
We, in ourselves, are the definition of a divine artistic expression.
Our passions, our talents, our giftings, are waiting to be SET FREE from our little dreamer hearts!
They’re waiting to be released from those silly misconceptions that our “art” must look like another’s or conform to the pre-set to what we call “beautiful”.
Because I think

Creativity is much like our own thumbprint; it cannot be duplicated, cloned, or ever repeated in the same way.

So I think if you aren’t so good at drawling, or dancing, painting, writing, or making funnies (jokes)




CONFIDENTLY ooze as much of YOU into everything YOU do.

Put your thumbprint on that sucka and call it ART

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