Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My calendar fell off the walls a few months ago, and yeah, I'd been too lazy to pick it up and rehang so it kind of got thrown around my books and journals for a while; But I felt like rehanging it a few weeks ago.
I happened to open it up to November of last year and I saw an entire month with big fat X marks on every day of the month. It sounds silly, but when I looked at it, I think I can tell how I was feeling each day about that then HUGE daily accomplishment.
As lame as it sounds, I (maybe read somewhere....erm...) that a good rule for a break up is the 30 day rule, so my day happened to land on November 6th, it was the last day he had emailed(via Facebook) telling me how...Well, its sort  of irrelevant what he told me, so I'll spare you. What I'm getting at is, when I picked up the calendar to that month exactly, I felt God telling me, " Look how far you've come." All I could do was smile.

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